Judo Chop Suey Ep. 18 - Jimmy Pedro AMA, BJJ Discussion, Tbilisi Grand Prix and WrestleMania Review

April 10, 2017

Judo Joe joins the Judo Chop Suey podcast as a guest co-host to discuss his thoughts on our coach, the preceived rivalry between BJJ and Judo, the Jimmy Pedro AMA on Reddit, and the Tbilisi Grand Prix.  Also, Judo Dave Roman also gives his thoughts on WrestleMania after attending it in person.  The show outline is below:  

  • In Memoriam: David Middendorf [10:48]  
  • Listener Reaction and Special Announcement [34:05]  
    • Discussions on Freestyle Judo and Retaining Adults  
  • The only thing about BJJ that annoys Judo Dave [55:05]  
  • Jimmy Pedro AMA [01:06:24]  
  • Kayla Harrison would be better in WWE than MMA [01:17:47]  
  • Continued discussion on Jimmy Pedro AMA [01:21:25]  
  • Kodokan syllabus changed [01:31:34]  
  • Thoughts on Tbilisi Grand Prix [01:37:04]  
  • WrestleMania Review [02:03:24]  
  • My bucket list and the gift of a water bottle [02:21:22]  

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