Judo Chop Suey Ep. 19 - A Very Special Shodan Promotion and Antalya Grand Prix

April 17, 2017

Judo Dave Roman talks about the Antalya Grand Prix and Judo Joe's promotion to shodan.  Dave Roman also recommends a show on Netflix you should watch and a show you should avoid.  The outline of the episode is below.  

  • Judo Joe gets promoted to shodan! [00:48]  
  • Unfortunate news for my Judo club. [06:55]  
  • A song is stuck in my head. [12:47]  
  • Two shows on Netflix that Judo Dave is watching. [14:13]  
  • Reminder of upcoming interview with Sensei Steve Scott.  Send in your questions! [17:44]  
  • Thoughts on Antalya Grand Prix. [19:24]  
  • Is the IJF trying to start a Twitter beef? [31:53]  
  • Listener reactions! [33:59]  

The list below contains links to the matches discussed on the podcast:  

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