Judo Chop Suey Podcast Ep. 30 - More Kata Discussion, Marius Vizer Q&A, President Battulga Khaltmaa

July 18, 2017

Have a billion people watched IJF events in 2017?  I have my doubts about that!  Thoughts on Marius Vizer Q&A and a continuing discussion of kata.    

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The outline of the show is as follows:  

  • Winter is here. [4:19]  
  • A new podcast by Planet Judo. [8:29]  
  • Listener reaction and more kata discussion. [12:04]  
  • Reaction to Marius Vizer Twitter Q&A. [27:37]  
  • President of Mongolia Judo Federation becomes the President of Mongolia. [39:22]  
  • Team Event at World Championships. [41:44]  
  • Travis Stevens has a new blog. [44:10]  

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