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Judo Chop Suey Podcast Ep. 26 - Interview with Christopher Round

June 13, 2017

Christopher Round, a sandan under Jimmy Pedro and a BJJ purple belt under Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, joins the Judo Chop Suey podcast to talk about his competitive career, his story he is publishing on Medium.com, and the challenges of being an elite athlete trying to capture that Olympic dream.  

After much internal debate as to whether or not I should break this interview into two parts, I have decided to release the entire interview but posting the time stamps to specific questions I asked during the interview.    

Christopher's story on Medium.com can be read here: https://medium.com/@Rapton/four-days-in-london-preface-and-index-faed777a9961  

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The outline of the show and list of some of the key questions asked is as follows:  

  • Judo was awarded with a new event at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo! [02:16]  
  • Start of interview with Christopher Round. [08:29]  
  • Christopher talks about being on the autism spectrum. [14:53]  
  • Christopher talks about his experiences at Tsukuba University in Japan. [21:17]  
  • What are the similarities and differences of being at a training camp for elite level athlete compared to local camps? [25:10]  
  • How were you able to fund your pursuit of the Olympic dream? [27:34]  
  • How long were you at Tsukuba University? [29:21]  
  • What was your first impression of Tokyo? [30:36]  
  • What was your initial impressions of the Kodokan? [33:37]  
  • What were the various city references as chapter headings about? [36:33]  
  • Training in Scotland with Euan Burton. [37:38]  
  • What made you want to pursue an Olympic dream despite seeing the challenges of making that dream a reality? [42:24]  
  • What was it about your Judo game where you felt you had reached your ceiling as an athlete? [46:37]  
  • What was that moment like for you when you realized you had reached your ceiling? [50:48]  
  • How hard was it for you to balance your studies and trying to become an Olympic athlete? [56:58]  
  • Christopher talks about the process of trying to make an Olympic squad. [1:00:20]  
  • Chris talks about some of the people on Team USA he has trained with. [1:06:14]  
  • What do you see as a scout for Judo that most other people do not see? [1:12:58]  
  • Are there metrics that track the success of an athlete? [1:16:09]  
  • Do you want to be a coach at an elite level? [1:19:00]  
  • Chris talks about his transition to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. [1:28:56]  
  • How has Judo helped you personally and professionally? [1:33:41]  

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